Donate Kohl's Cash® for the Troops!

If you aren't using it, we can!

If you have any Kohl's Cash® you will not be using, please send it our way before it expires.  We can use it for new dark color crew socks, boxer briefs & boxers, boyshort panties, etc. for our deployed military.

They appreciate new goodies too.   

Fill out the form below or take a photo of your Kohl's Cash® and email it to We do share pics of what we are able to purchase for our Troops using donated Kohl's Cash® on our Facebook page. 

Thanks all! 😃 This is what we do together. #ItTakesAVillage ☺ #awcpp 🇺🇸 #americaswarriorscarepackageprojects 🇺🇸

Donate Kohl's Cash® you will not be using!

Kohl's Cash® Value

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